Monday, October 17, 2011

week thirty-six

i had such a great baby shower this past weekend! my friend lacey did such a great job putting it all together. it was decorated so perfectly and all the food was delicious! there were some super sweet women there and best of all my mom and sisters surprised me and made it here this weekend for it. i had no idea that they were coming. in fact i had asked lacey to send them an invite, not because they would be able to come, but i thought it would be nice for them to at least feel involved. so what a wonderful surprise it was! let me remind you that this is no short drive. it took them eighteen hours to get there and miraculously no one spilled the beans. well, except for my brother in argentina but i thought he must just be confused and thought nothing of it.

sadly i forgot my camera, but i will probably be heisting some from lacey to share with you all because honestly, it was so adorable!

i can't believe i'm in the home stretch already. saturday marked week thirty-six! today i have an appointment where i'll be getting a peek at our little woman and i'm so excited. it's starting to feel real all of a sudden. her nursery is finally coming together thanks to a lot of elbow grease from matt and his mom. it was becoming debatable whether or not she would have a dresser. and then once we finally found the dresser, it was questionable whether or not it would ever get a facelift. i really appreciate all of the help! it turned out perfect!

it's yet to all be completed but here are a few little snippets of what's going on in there.

the cute crocheted sweater at the top was mine when i was a baby. my aunt handmade it for me along with a super cute afghan. sadly the sweater was the only thing that survived the twenty-five years of storage but i love it and it goes so well with the colors i chose for her nursery.

i had a hard time getting a decent picture this morning. i lined the drawers because i needed it to feel like her clothes were safe in there. i kind of think it makes it even more adorable too. i LOVE the color yellow that we chose. amazingly this is something that the hubby and i were able to agree on. it's a miracle! have i mentioned that our baby is still without name? true story.

well my kinderboy has the day off in honor of fall so we are going to go have some fun!

happy monday!



Mandi said...

Darn it! I am so sad that I had to miss your shower, but I am so very happy that it turned out so lovely. Hurray! I am also so very happy that you have such a great friend to throw you a shower. I can't wait to meeet your little dolly and I can't wait to hear her name. I love baby names! I love you so much! Have a fabulous day!!!

Lacey said...

I'm sososo glad you had a good time at the shower and that you liked everything. I had so much fun putting it together for you!! I loved getting to meet your family!! The room is looking fabulous. I, too, love the color yellow you chose and the lining is adorable. Have a fun day today!!

Emma Leigh said...

haha the room looks amazing ash <3! you did such a good job...