Thursday, November 17, 2011

the missing link

when the three-year-old was handed to me, cord still connected and covered in that white sticky stuff, i wondered to myself whose brother are you? i must have been expecting a little clone of the five-year-old to be placed in my arms but alas, i could find no resemblances. try as i might i still struggle to see any similarities between the two aside from their insatiable need to play in mud and throw things.

you can imagine my joy then when i look at our newest little person and see a little blend of the two of them. convincing me once and for all that they are in deed related. she is the missing link. some days she looks like gage, others she looks like garrett. i love it!

matthew has been casually starting conversations with phrases like "last one", "three feels perfect", "complete" and despite my urge to plug my ears and make ridiculous noises with my tongue i just sit and pretend he never said a word. it's not so easy for me to put the kabosh on it. i guess i am still waiting for the feeling of finality. but just the thought that she may be our last child has turned me into a terrible baby hog. i want to hold her and look at her for the entirety of the day. i want to soak in every bit of fresh new baby that i can. she is the sweetest, calmest and might i add, sleepiest baby there ever was. i love her. and all three of the men love her too. she's already softened them all up a bit i can tell. they are all googley eyed for her. and understandably so.

i feel like i'm probably supposed to be surfacing back into real life by now but i am not. i'm just allowing myself plenty of hermit time and thoroughly enjoying it. babies are such amazing little creatures. we are so grateful for our third little blessing!


Lacey said...

Such a sweet post!!

Karm said...

What a beautiful post. Lovely photos. She is such a darling little baby. You are one blessed mama!!

Nixie Fotos Photography said...

She is so sweet love the pictures! Just wait till that sweet baby that might be the last turns one like mine tomorrow! You will be crying like me!
Miss you

Jennifer and Clay said...

You have a beautiful baby! It is a funny thing about family size...if someone is missing, you will know. I am also told that when you are really done, the feeling of one more is gone. So, don't give up yet! But, enjoy your sweet girl as much as you want!