Thursday, November 3, 2011

the nursery

i really wanted to paint the walls in the baby's room. but i lost that battle on several levels. don't feel bad for me though, i won a few too. overall i wanted to end up with a room that was simple and sweet and trimmed with vintage loveliness. i feel like that is what we got so i am pleased.

the cradle on the left was a chance find from my mother-in-law. she surprised us with it one saturday morning. it was less than pretty when she brought it over but we all saw the potential in it. matthew bought new hardware and made it all stable again and then cleaned it up and painted it. i love it!

the dresser was a craigslist find. after months and months of searching! it turned out different than i had planned in my head, but actually quite perfect.

a little print i did up for her pink picture frame.

the rocker is the same one that i had with both of the boys. i couldn't part with it. we sold the rest of their nursery set before moving to texas but i just had to hold onto this one piece. i recovered it with this canary yellow chevron fabric and had plans to paint it white. the hubby boycotted my painting idea and truthfully i am glad now that we left it. it adds a little contrast to the room and it doesn't bother me at all like i thought it would.

the 'be filled with joy' print is an etsy buy i made quite some time ago from the wheatfield. i never knew where to put it...until we found out we were expecting a baby girl. perfect.

the aqua board was a gift of sorts from my brother. knowing that i am a hoarder of all things random that may have potential...he scored this old cabinet door for me about 3 years ago. it's been hiding and traveling with us all this time. all it took was some handy work from the hubs, a few knobs from hobby lobby and a coat of paint and she was finally transformed. the crocheted sweater was made for me twenty-six years ago.

and i already mentioned it, but the curtains are from a set of linens that once belonged to matthew's great-grandmother. i'm happy to say that there are pieces of sentiment in our sweet baby's room.

and this picture i just took because who doesn't love a pile of fresh clean baby blankets? i do.

we are down to four days on the countdown and couldn't be happier. i love hearing the boys talk about it. it's replaced christmas list talk in our house which is quite alright with me.

happy thursday!



Lacey said...

It is absolute perfection!! I can't wait to see it in person!

Lee said...

Did you find that quote "you are a dream I dreamed" from my blog or somewhere else. I used that in a poem I wrote for avye I believe. Haha. I would be flattered if you did. Love the room!

Amber* said...

It looks so wonderful Ash. You're baby girl is going to love it.

Nixie Fotos Photography said...

Its so sweet and pretty! LOVE the colors and that cradle you have I LOVE! Funny thing is I have that exact same cradle! It was given to me by my mom and it was given to her 27 years ago when I was born! (except mine hasn't been painted even though I wanted to when Callie was born but never had the ambition)
Anyway Good job she will have many sweet dreams in her lovely room.

Kathi said...

You are SOOO talented! If I were having any more children, I would have you decorate my nursery! Talk about perfect!!!

The Baum Squad said...

Oh! you are so close! Hang in there....i always say the last 10 days are worse than the previous 10 months. Good luck! Can't wait to see her.

Lovely nursery btw. you are talented that is for sure.

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

It looks great! Makes me wish my addition was done so I would have my nusery and it could be decorated too. Good luck with the upcoming delivery!