Tuesday, November 1, 2011

hope ya'll had a fine halloween mateys. arg.

this was by far the funnest halloween for our family yet! i mean this mostly because the boys were in full character and loving every second of the festivities. having your boys grow up is bittersweet. enjoying fun holidays with them as they grow is part of the sweet for sure.

on thursday gare was invited to a super fun party. we had his spiderman costume all ready to go, but he refused to wear it. he decided he wanted to be a pirate. so we raided the attic and the closets and found him this sweet get-up. on friday gage got to dress up as a book character for school. he went with cowboy sam, from his favorite vintage books. saturday evening we had a great time at our ward's party. complete with an awesome haunted hayride through the woods. and then finally, there was all hallows eve night.

we made the rounds in our neighborhood as well as our in-laws neighborhood and i am almost ashamed to
admit that our little pirate and cowboy came home with eight, yes EIGHT, pounds of candy. yikes! what do you do with eight pounds of candy exactly? i've already hidden it in a cupboard.

i hope your halloween was happy and spooky and safe!


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Amber* said...

I think 8lbs of Candy is a record. Way better than I ever got from Paloma or the Golf Course!!! :)

Your boys are so cute Ash! They look very handsome - I mean tough -as a Cowboy and a Pirate.