Wednesday, January 4, 2012

eight weeks of pure awesomeness

you coo.
you smile. like whole mouth smile.
you let out the occasional adorable chuckle.
you sleep like an angel at night.
the good nights are probably due to the fact that you fight sleep all day.
you love your milk.
your brothers swoon over your every outfit change.
they also kiss your noggin about one hundred and sixty times a day.
you love mirrors.
your bald spots are filling back in.
your eyes are still blue.
your tolerance for tummy time lasts about ten minutes.
you love to sit in my lap as i crochet. you stare and stare at that hook.
your desire to stay awake is powerless against the swing.
you are the only one of our children to ever love their pacifier.
you melt our hearts miss kelsie.

happy eight weeks!
love, mama


Aunt Tiff said...

Oh she is so squeezable!! Kiss her for me!! Mine is gonna be a year this month already...they grow up WAY too fast!!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

Kynlee has the same skirt. I love it!! She's a round and beautiful little girl. Gotta love those cheeks.

JDButler Family said...

So much adorableness all packed into one little pink human <3