Tuesday, January 3, 2012

twelve photos from our year. 2011 edition.

it's 2012 people! i can hardly believe it. this year flew by in record speed and i know i will say the exact same thing next year. but really, i do believe that there is some crazy phenomenon going on here where life speeds up more and more each year. i am not big on setting resolutions, mostly because i never have accomplished any and that just makes me feel sad. but i think every day i want to be better than the last. so that is still my game plan.

as an ode to the year behind us, i picked out one favorite photo for each month. as i browsed through each month's photo file i realized that this year truly was filled with many wonderful moments. here are just a few. enjoy!


we experienced our first texas snow. the boys were in heaven! we made snow angels, threw snowballs and had a grand time. my favorite part was the aftermath of it all when the bitter cold finally forced us inside to dry socks and mugs of hot cocoa.


we welcomed tilly, the mini pincer, into our mix. our boys were terrified of dogs {of any size} and we really thought her presence would be a bit therapeutic for them. and it surely has. we love our little tilly dog!


with gage back in school and me down in the dumps with morning sickness, garrett found his calling in life. trampoline basketball extraordinaire. every single morning it was breakfast, clothes and then basketball time. i loved it!


we had a happy little surprise when we discovered wild blackberry bushes near our property. every couple of days we would go out and collect them until we had plenty to make our own jam. we are still enjoying those pretty berries to this day!


we had a family day and headed off to the train station in marshall. gage and garrett ate it all up. there was a museum inside the station that was just oozing with old gadgets and photos and maps. it really was pretty darn cool. i snapped this photo as we were leaving. this tunnel went underneath the railway and was just so neat. i loved the subway tiling and have every intention of using that inspiration it in my future kitchen.


this was just a fun filled month for us! firstly, gage finished up preschool which was a grand accomplishment in his little life. and then we kicked off the summer with a visit from my family, a trip with them to south texas for water park and beach bliss and then the boys and i loaded up in what they call "the bus" and made the trip back to arizona with them. we had so much fun getting to spend time with people that we miss so much!


grandma broomall treated us to our first "balloon race" experience. we played the day away and then at dark got to enjoy the balloons come to life for the balloon glow. it was so cool and definitely something i would like to repeat this year.


this was a pretty chill month. we just tried to soak in every bit of summer that we had left. with gage's return to school looming over head we spent as much time as we could just playing and having fun. i don't remember a single morning where the boys didn't make an escape to the backyard as soon as they woke up.


gage's first season of soccer kicked off in september. we loved going to his games each week. his first game ever we really thought gage might be terrified of the ball. every time it got close to him he backed right on down. we weren't in this to pressure him so we just let it be and told him he was awesome! the next week you could not keep the boy back and every week we saw more and more improvement. it was pretty fun for me to see my wild five-year-old sewing his oats out on the field. there will definitely be more of this in our future.


this month was absolute madness! between gage's school and soccer and the hubby's work and school there was just no rest for the weary. i was half the size of jupiter and preparing for baby was still a work in progress. when i think back on this month i really think i must have seemed insane to everyone. but thanks to lots of help from family and friends we pulled through and managed to get our home ready to welcome our baby girl.


one week into november this little beauty graced us with her presence. in a month geared towards thanksgiving, what blessing could have been greater? it was love at first sight for the entire family. and the blessings just kept flowing in the form of my mother, mother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law and kind friends. this was a beautiful month!


we had a fun family photo session with my wonderful photographer friend, lacey newman. i still look at this picture and tell myself hey ashley, you have THREE kids! and every time i still surprise myself with that realization. i am so grateful for their health and their spunk. we got to keep our five-year-old home with us for two full weeks as we enjoyed the holidays and that was great fun! and the extra sleep that came with it was certainly a perk. we had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to another year full of great moments, large or small, whatever they may be.

and we wish you all the same.



Lacey said...

Such an eventful year. I enjoyed your photo journey through it. 2012 is going to be an awesome year. But I'm with you, we need to figure out how to slow it down.

Felicia said...

What a fun way to recap the year. I loved the photo in the train tunnel. You have a lovely family.

JDButler Family said...

i love the way you piece on the savor of life <3
you are such a blessing to the world! i feel priviledged to be your Mom & sometimes think it should be the other way around (;

JDButler Family said...

and the year did go by just about that fast too!