Thursday, March 22, 2012

new mantra

i had about a five month adventure with blonde highlights. it was fun as far as changes go, but in the end i went back to my brunette roots. or at least a variation of my roots. i also thought i had built up the courage to go shoulder length, but when it came down to it all i could part with was a mere four inches or so. i guess i'm getting more conservative in my older age. i use to have no problem at all with going and having someone whack twelve inches off my locks. and of all the stages of my life i would say this one would be the most justified for me to do just that. it can be exhausting and even painful having my four month old tangled up in it any time it's not up in a ponytail. oh well. it looks like i just sentenced myself to another eight months of this hairdo.

embrace messy hair.

that's my new mantra.

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