Wednesday, March 21, 2012

milestones::19 weeks

this little miss has finally taken up the art of rolling. i call it the tuck and roll because her little legs fold up to her belly and then she does this kind of worm maneuver that ends with her on her tummy and a smile on her face. she loves her new found ability.

here are a few more bits of awesomeness to be noted::

*she accidentally moves herself in her walker which amuses her brothers immensely.
*squash makes her gag.
*she loves avocados, carrots and sweet potatoes.
*she is almost sitting on her own.
*she absolutely goes crazy if you put a book in front of her. i think something about the black and white text really makes her happy.
*her very favorite toy in the whole world is her 'crinkly book' as well call it. it's a cloth book that crinkles when you scrunch it. it goes with us EVERYWHERE.
*she still sleeps in the cradle by my bed and i'm pretty sure if i don't move her to her crib soon there will be trouble. she is a wiggle worm.
*she has a 90% chance of getting the hiccups from laughing. rarely will she laugh without getting them.
*her eyes are still blue.
*i check her gums everyday for bumps because she drools so much. so far, no bumps.

this girl has the sweetest disposition. she'll smile at just about anyone who gives her the time of day. she loves to be held and played with. and i just recently discovered why we struggled so much to get her to sleep. i use to hold her until she was sound asleep. it usually turned into me wrestling her and bouncing around with her until she finally gave in. now when she gets those sleepy eyes, i lay her down and let her do her thing. she's usually asleep within seconds. i guess the girl just wanted her space.

i love you kelsie jane!

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