Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a slow, uneventful, rainy day

we expected a bit of a storm today but what we got was just a constant drizzle. the storm did show up elsewhere however. all day long flash flood and tornado warnings popped up on the television.

the five-year-old stayed home from school with a fever of 102. between that and the rain it warranted me a stay in day. and stay in i did, aside from my quick run to the mailbox. we all took it pretty easy breezy today.

the three-year-old and i played up a storm with miss k on the family room floor. she has finally decided to roll around and she gets pretty excited about it. i know i am a broken record but i really cannot believe how quickly time has passed since that girl graced us with her cuteness. she is growing up so quickly! as sad as it can sometimes feel, days like today when her brothers can interact with her and get her to laughing and smiling, i just absolutely love it!

i have to say i wasn't a complete louse today. my one major accomplishment happened this morning. i had a hot date with a ten pound bag of organic carrots. they were peeled, cut, steamed and blended before becoming a frozen stash of baby food for miss kelsie. i made a batch of butternut squash last week and the poor girl couldn't stand it so i was relieved when she couldn't get enough of the carrots this afternoon. i totally redeemed myself.

in other news i have been on an 8 week program to cut sugar out of my diet. not just sugary sweet goodness, but all forms of sugar. it's been hard, i've fallen off the wagon a couple of times already, but i can already feel a change in my body and i am loving it. i'm two days into the second week and doing my very best to stay motivated. this is something that i have needed for a long time.

what is the best thing you ever did for your health??

p.s. congratulations if you were able to follow this post. apparently my brain is scattered and so is my typing.

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