Sunday, March 11, 2012

holy guacamole

miss k has moved up in the world. doctor b, her pediatrician who we adore, gave her the go ahead to start on food. first on the list, avocado. she loves her some gooey green avocado. i am so proud! avocado and i have a pretty tight relationship.

it seems like just two days ago i was freaking out, wondering if my tiny soft baby was getting enough breast milk. now she is cooing and laughing while i shovel in all kinds of yummy goodness.

next thing you know i'll be the toothless, balding, chubby lady in the chair and she will be the food shoveler. i just hope i'll have taught her well.


question:: i am wanting to make my own organic baby food. do any of you have tips, do's or do not's you would like to share with me?

thank you kindly!

xoxo. ash


Chad said...

Hooray for another lover of avocados!!

Lacey said...

That's me up there, not chad. :-)

Jonathan & Amber Burke said...

Ashley, i just love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful family! Your baby is gorgeous!! when James was a baby i liked this web site i hope it helps:)

Amber said...

Blenders and steaming are your friends. Once your creations are made you can store them in ice cube trays and whip out one at a time, heat up and ta-da you have homemade baby food.