Wednesday, March 7, 2012

passing time

gare peeking in on kelsie {december 2011}

one third of a year has passed since i first held miss kelsie in my arms. for those of you who don't want to bother with the mathematics of that sentence, she is four months old today! {i know, i'm a real whiz at numbers. haha} when did she stop being this itty bitty baby? it has gone by so quickly and a lot has happened in that time.

the hubster finished up his paramedic schooling. he also took his national registry test and passed it. woo hoo! that was a huge relief for the both of us. we now see him for more than just a few hours during the week. we love it and are so proud of him!

we got rid of our denali and you are now reading the blog of a mini van driving mom. it was a sad good-bye but we have had nothing but good come from the change.

the five-year-old learned how to ride his bicycle without his trusty training wheels. i am pretty sure he'll be needing to upgrade this summer. he looks so BIG on his little green bicycle. i still remember when he was the tiny one in that partnership.

the three-year-old learned how to drop kick a soccer ball. which has proved to be slightly hazardous to all of the stuffed animals in the house, being that balls aren't allowed in the house. and he continues to blow us away with his natural athleticism. he is aching to be old enough for team sports.

the five-year-old has also started his second season of soccer and is loving it. his team got new coaches and new colors this year which he was pretty excited about. they've had two games and he has done AWESOME! go cyclones!

miss kelsie jane has started giggling at her brothers for any silly thing that they do. she gives herself the hiccups laughing so hard. at an appointment two weeks ago she weighed in at a sturdy 16 pounds 3 ounces and measured out to 26.7 inches long. she is a squishy little girl with the most delicious cheeks and the very best gummy smile you ever saw. we love her oh so much.

happy four months to our dolly!



JDButler Family said...

awwwwww... time flies on wings of lightning :(

Lacey said...

I know I see you almost everyday, but I love reading your updates like this!! And maybe Garrett can come over and teach me how to drop kick a soccer ball. I'm lacking pretty heavily in the athleticism department.