Thursday, April 12, 2012

behind the pretty pictures

{the three-year-old and his winning smile} {with our buddy, j}

yesterday evening we headed over to this beautiful property to feed some ducks, meet up with friends and snap a few photos. looking at these you would probably never guess that the woman behind the camera was all fuzzy brained. the five-year-old was exercising his ability to completely block me out and there was all kinds of whining going on. you wont see much of him on this post because he refused to be in any pictures. admittedly i was probably not handling myself the best either. i have been at wits end with his behavior these days. he can go from calm and sweet and thoughtful to the most stubborn, grumpy, sassy five-year-old in about five seconds flat. to say the least, he and i have been struggling.

despite that all though we still had a fun time. we always love hanging out with the newman crew! i even got a camera bag full of these thistle looking weeds from the three-year-old. what's not to love about that? it was such a beautiful sunset and the weather was almost as good as it gets this time of year. i am thinking we need to take advantage of these dwindling spring days. soon we will be experiencing the sweltering, wet heat of a texas summer.

{lacey with her hands and arms full} {a bouquet for mom}

{my boys waiting for the ducks to come and greet them.}

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