Friday, April 6, 2012

but there are two more

there is a silly song that the five-year-old loves to listen to. he calls it "the mom song". it goes through the typical mom day and at one point after saying how she got her kids on the bus, this exasperated mom sings "you might think i'd be lonely, but there are two more." the five-year-old loves the real life application here. he tells me quite frequently how it's a good thing there's two more or i would be lonely after dropping him off at school. i always agree with him out loud, but i'd be lying if i said i didn't wish for a "lonely" day here and there. oh the things i could accomplish!

it's been almost two weeks since we found out little miss k had rsv. and believe you me that our house has paid a hefty price for this nasty virus. even though she's steadily improving, i just can't seem to catch up. there's a mess in nearly every room of the house and there's a half sewn easter dress taking up residence in the closet. not to mention the afghan i started weeks ago that is just crying for attention. the idea of having an entire day to focus on these things sometimes feels like a distant dream. like the first time that i realized that new moms don't sleep in. i cried. it was amazing.

yep. a day would be nice. but you know what is even nicer? these two sweet faces. and when the three-year-old is not pulling his sister's hair he is actually being a big big helper. he gives her rides in her walker, sneaks her toys, makes sure her toes stay warm and plays pat-a-cake with her. am i lonely? not one bit. because i still have two more. and thank heavens for that! because i know those lonely days will one day be a reality and that scares the daylights out of me.

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