Wednesday, May 9, 2012

keeping to those promises

remember how yesterday i made all those promises to myself?  well it would appear the good Lord decided to put me to task straight away.  this poor girl has spent all but perhaps two hours in my arms today.  in fact she is still in my arms.  she's had a rough go of things and it breaks my heart.  last night i scribbled out a big long list of things that needed done, but instead i have happily held her and loved on her and attempted to soothe her with the little bit of voice i am starting to regain.  i have piles of laundry and an unmopped floor to prove it.  my big fat list of to-do's can wait because this little girl just needs a momma.  please say a little prayer for her.  we see dr. b in the morning and hopefully will find some relief for her.

good night!

xoxo. ash

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