Thursday, May 17, 2012

six months

have i mentioned how this scrumptious little person is six months old?

have i told you how she loves pizza crust?

or how when she gets tired, instead of sleeping she screams bloody murder?

have i told you how her hair is now officially growing past her ears?

have i told you how she would rather play with monster trucks than baby dolls?

have i told you how there has been a recent ban on hairbows in our casa?

have i told you how i love this lady?

a whole. whole. whole. lot.

i promise you she is as sweet as she looks.  sleep fighting screams and all.

happy six months {and ten days} of life miss kelsie!

xoxo. momma

1 comment:

lexlovesjate said...

She is so precious Ashley! I love that sweet little face! I hope Texas is treating your sweet family well!