Friday, August 10, 2012

july rewind:: the fourth of july part deux

when we came out of the movie theatre at four o'clock, the rain had just started.  it was a warm drizzly rain and it kept up the rest of the day.  we weren't sure if there would be fireworks at all.  burke and elsie spent a good hour or so figuring out a way to get a canopy up over the driveway and moving the barbeque grills under cover without smoking everyone out.

every year my parent's have a friends and family barbeque before the fireworks.  it's nice because our house is right across from the high school football field and the view is perfect.  there's also usually an abundance of homemade ice-cream for anyone who wants some.  i don't know if the rain made things crazy or what, but those ice-cream machines took an extra long time to get their freeze on this year.  it was okay though, as soon as they were ready we were there with our rain soaked fingers, ready to devour it all.  and it was good.

we had some fun with our sparklers for a bit.  it was tricky because the rain was still coming and going and some of those things just wouldn't get a good lite.  it was entertaining nonetheless.

i figured it would be fun to do long exposures on the fireworks as well so i left my shutter open for 6 seconds and i really liked how the pictures turned out.   next year i'll definitely shoot them in their classic form, but this was fun for a change.

so during this photo attempt, the darn O just did not want to stay lit.  and that E, well, it's all sorts of crazy.  but you get the idea!

despite all the rain and the my water-logged toes, i still had such a fun evening.  i wish i would have pulled my camera out more during the daylight but oh well.  i was too busy visiting and enjoying myself....and tending to little ones.  

i wasn't sure how kelsie was going to handle all of the new faces, but boy she just ate it up!  she loved all of the attention and was such a happy baby for everyone.  and my boys just had a grand time running around with all of the cousins.  it was a great way to celebrate our country and our freedom.  i love the 4th of july!

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Lacey said...

i love your fireworks pictures!