Thursday, August 9, 2012

july rewind:: the 4th of july show town style

matt had a long stretch of vacation time that we were able to use up for july.  we escaped the heat and humidity of east texas for a few weeks and got to enjoy some awesome weather in arizona's white mountains.  it was a wonderful reprieve and i would be lying if i said it wasn't hard to leave.

we made it bright and early for the parade in show town.  i mean, show low.  it was overcast and basically perfect.  kelsie sure enjoyed being held by the many willing aunts and uncles and grandma.

i loved this candid shot of gare and aunt brin.  so sweet.

gage taking note of his loot.

callie was the only of the kids who would get near the giant dq cone.  she thought he looked rather tasty, i am sure.

my favorite part of the parade was definitely the bagpipes.  i think they sound so neat and it only intensifies my lifelong dream of going to Scotland.  sigh.

in true callie fashion, she was shaking her groove thing all over town.  this girl amazes me!  another constant reminder of the mighty works our Father in Heaven is capable of.

after the parade we hung out with my family.  the whole herd of us went and watched Brave together.  i thought it was a very sweet movie.  i cried my whole way through it and then found out that i may have just been hormonal because everyone else had dry eyes.  gare loved the three little boys/bears and gage told us his favorite part was when the squirrel was trying to get the acorn.  i looked at him confused because i didn't remember a squirrel (or acorn for that matter) in the movie.  matt started laughing and reminded me of the the preview for ice age 4.  yup, his favorite part of the ninety minute movie was the ice age preview at the beginning.  that's my gage for you though!

the evening was spent barbequing, visiting, homemade ice-cream and fire works.  i'll share some pictures from that later.

happy thursday folks!



Felicia said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time with your family! No wonder it was hard for you to leave. Were they wearing jackets in a few of those shots? I'm so jealous! Glad you had a great vacation with your sweet family!! p.s. I love that sweet one of Kelsie her eyes are breath taking!

Lacey said...

Fun, fun, fun!! I'm so glad you got to spend so much time with your family. I know you ate every bit of it up. We're glad you're back here with us, though. :-)