Wednesday, August 8, 2012

july rewind:: her ladyship at eight months

little miss k hit her eighth month in stride.  in a matter of a few short weeks she popped her first tooth through, finally got the hang of crawling, learned that she could pull herself up to any and everything, started playing peek-a-boo and high fiving all on her own. 

her vocabulary includes mamma, dadda and ball ball.  and not to be forgotten are the amazing sounds she makes with her tongue.  she loves her tongue!  she has learned that it has endless capabilities.

along with crawling and pulling herself up to things has returned the era of no open bathroom doors in the casa de broomall.  she has been caught splishin and a splashin and mean mom had to put the kabosh on that activity real quick.

eight months has been such an adventure and i can't imagine what else she has up her sleeve.  we love this little chunk of squishiness!  happy eight months little bug!

xoxo. mama

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Lacey said...

8 months! It can't be possible.