Tuesday, August 7, 2012

july rewind:: our four-year-old matey

one year ago this boy was in texas, slinging webs and amazing us all with his killer round-house kicks.  it was in said fashion that he entered into the realm of three-year-old-ism.  and with that same super energy he has all too quickly become the four-year-old.  the four-year-old wields foam swords, hunts for buried treasure and says things like 'yo ho way to go!'  and 'arg matey'.  he doesn't miss an episode of his favorite pirate show, he buys spiderman backpacks and spiderman shoes, requests spiderman toys for gifts and dreams of one day being a genuine pirate.  except for maybe the rotting teeth part.

we had fun celebrating with family that we have missed so much.  the weather was gorgeous and permitted us to stay and play the evening away.

the brave birthday boy was hoisted up high to rescue the stranded frisbee.  he got a round of applause and then blushed a bit.

little effie trinket even joined us for the festivities.  miss kelsie really super loved this fluffy ball of white.

the four-year-old got this neat little contraption for his birthday and if you couldn't tell, he kind of likes it.

we love you gare and can't wait to see all the awesome things you will do as you grow up!

xoxo. mom

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