Thursday, August 16, 2012

july rewind:: parade round two

the four-year-old sporting poppy's riding glasses.

heber's parade was held on the weekend, rather than the 4th so we were able to make it there with matt's side of the family.  we headed over there late in the morning on a couple of side by sides and joined the stretch of people lining the road.  unfortunately the sun was out in all of its hot summer glory so instead of snapping many photos, i was hiding under the shade with my juicy lady.

the parade was lots of fun!  it was nice to see some familiar faces and enjoy the small town feel of it all.  i miss that sometimes.  it's weird to go places and not see a single person you know.  i didn't grow up accustomed to that.  so we had a really great time!

maylee and kelsie are actually about 15 weeks apart, maylee being the oldest.  you wouldn't guess it by size though would you??  and interestingly enough, both of the girls ended up with baby blues.  they are beautiful little things!

all of the broomall cousins.  gare, gage, kelsie, trenton and maylee.  you may recognize trenton and maylee from the butler family pictures...for those of you who don't know, they are my double neice and nephew!  my brother and matt's sister got married a few years after we did.  so we'll probably never eat a thanksgiving dinner without them!  haha

this picture was soooo overexposed but i just had to try and save it because i rarely get these boys so close together for a picture.  i sure love these two handsome men of mine!

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