Saturday, August 18, 2012

nine months

call me weird, but the nine month mark is always the hardest one for me to swallow.  nine months of gestation drags on into the eternities, but nine months in your arms just flies right on by.  and after nine months it seems that all my babies prefer mischief making to snuggles with momma.  i mean, nine months is nine months right?  why does it have to feel so lopsided?  ah, such is life.

it has been nine wonderful months and this baby girl is growing just as fast as the time is passing.  her nine month check-up showed her to be in the 91st percentile for both her weight and height.  twenty-two pounds and twenty-nine inches.  and as far as her personality goes, well i would say she is off the charts there.  she is just the most fantastic little soul.

there's not a corner in our house that she is afraid to adventure to. and she is quick as a whip.  one moment she's at my feet and the next thing i know there is splashing coming from the bathroom {that one of her brothers forgot to close the door to}.  i think she has a sixth sense for that.  if the door is open, she is there.

a few weeks ago she started pulling herself up to things and walking along them.  she can stand herself up in the middle of the floor and has even attempted a handful of steps.  dr. b says to expect a walker in no time.  she is so strong and sturdy!  she babbles on all day long and will even occasionally try to mimic words that we say.

funny story.  last week in church she dropped a toy behind us.  to her delight, a young boy picked it up and gave it back to her.  while she was smiling away at him, i told him 'thanks'.  she immediately followed me with what sounded exactly like 'danks'.  i was shocked and even thought that maybe i just thought i heard that since i had just said it.  well then the four-year-old turns around with wide eyes and proclaims "kelsie girl said thanks!"  we all got a good laugh when i recounted the story to matt.

we are just loving every moment of this girl's life!  i can't wait to see her personality develop even more and see all of the things that she will do.  she has a sweet tender spirit and i know she has so much good inside of her to share with others.  i love her so much and am so grateful that heavenly father has blessed us with her in our family!

happy nine months little bug!  we love you so much.

xoxo. momma

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Lacey said...

Such a precious girl! Happy 9 months, Miss Kelsie!