Saturday, August 25, 2012

july rewind::on the road again

after three weeks of fun, we finally loaded up the wagon and headed back to texas.  it is a loooooong trip and we were even toting our tilly pup with us so i was prepared for the worst.  but we actually ended up making it in about seventeen hours which is pretty awesome time.

kelsie was a crack up for the leg of the trip that she was actually awake through.  she started playing peek-a-boo with us.  most of the time all that we could see was her little foot sticking out of her blanket and wiggling around.  we all got a good laugh out of her!

perhaps the funniest travel story though had to have been kelsie sneaking treats to tilly.  first off, her and tilly are serious pals.  they don't get much contact time because tilly is so hyper, but they will sit at the glass door and stare at each other for minutes on end.  i think they each find the other to be quite intriguing.  anyhow!  back to the story.  i started giving k some little {baby approved} cheese puff snacks and tilly kept trying to muzzle the can to get a taste for herself.  well a few minutes later i look back to see kelsie holding one down  for tilly to lick at it and boy that little pup was sure going to town!  i took the cheese puff from kelsie and was throwing it in the trash bag when i hear her start to giggle.  i looked back and she once again had her hand hanging down and this time she was getting a tongue bath!   she just thought it was the funniest thing!  and i think the offering that sealed their friendship was when kelsie slipped tilly her pacifier.  it took me a little while to figure out where that thing had disappeared to but when i jokingly told gage to check if tilly had it, she surely did.  it was in between her paws and she was gnawing away on it.  silly girls!!

our longest pit stop was in holbrook, arizona.  every single time we have driven through there the boys have pleaded with us to stop and look at all of the dinosaurs.  well we finally got cool and decided to let them.  they thought that they were pretty amazing!  we also wandered into the little rock shop that was just inside the fence and found some pretty cool stuff.

here's gage and gare roaring at me like the mighty t-rex!

the four-year-old was trying his hardest to hear the ocean inside this little white shell.  he swears that he did.  it was saying 'whoosh'!

this store owner makes all of his indian-style jewelery which is pretty neat to watch.  i loved the colors of all of these just dangling there.

for the life of me i cannot remember the names of any of these rocks but i sure thought they were beautiful.

i loved all the shades of teals and turquoise in this box.

here's gare showing me his favorite rock EVER!

we topped off our stop with lunch and ice-cream at A&W.  i love their root beer from the tap.  yum!  it was a fun little stop and helped make the rest of the trip bearable.

and thank goodness for headphones!  between the boys leap pads and our case full of dvd's, we were able to make the whole trip with virtually no fighting in the backseat!  that's a pretty huge deal around here.

we had such a great time in arizona and it was so sad to leave, but it was certainly nice to get to our own beds and the familiarity of home.  we really had an awesome july!!


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