Sunday, September 2, 2012

packing || part one

moving is the pits.  end of story.  right now there are certain areas of my home that resemble an episode of hoarders.  minus the smell, the mold, the animal urine, the dust, etc.  saturday i decided i was going to start packing.  then life happened and what i ended up with by that evening was empty walls and shelves and a piles and piles of stuff.  not a single box was filled.  actually not a single box was even constructed.

i weeded through my stash of magazines and only kept my very favorites.  i know, i know, i could probably find all of these ideas and such online but there is something about a well worn magazine and a bowl of oatmeal in the morning.  i love smelling the paper and ink as i turn through the pages.  it makes me feel nostalgic.  and i am a nostalgia junkie.

welcome to corner de wall hangings and other mystical treasures.

and of course the leaning towers of pictures.

and don't let this little ducky fool you, he's totally into his reflection.  he waddled his own way over there.  okay, with a little help from the four-year-old.

all my piles have sat untouched through sunday.  call me lazy, but this is my day to relax and enjoy my children without stressing out over the little things.  it's my once a week, mini vacay.  and i absolutely love it!  so round two begins tomorrow morning bright and early.  let's see if we can't fill up a box or two.  and of course by we, i do mean I.

i'll keep you posted on my progress.  enjoy your labor day!!

xoxo. ash


Mandi said...

Hi friend! So, I am super behind and I don't know where you are moving to? Did you guys buy a house, but youre staying put in the same town? How cute are you to be in the process of crazy moving and still manage to take amazing pictures. I can't believe Kelsie is getting so big. My word she is a beautiful little thing. I love that Garrett thinks preschool is better with Spiderman hightops! Thomas just started preschool with his awesome light up Lightening McQueen shoes and everyone and their dog knows about them. Plus, they make him go so much faster! I sure love little boys. I am so happy that life is going good for you. We should talk via the telephone one of these days. I miss you my dearest! Happy moving! Love you!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

I've been slacking on the blog lately...thanks to instagram on my phone. So I'm behind...where are you moving to? Goodness that little girl of yours is a beauty :)