Saturday, September 1, 2012

the end of summer per my phone

a late august sky.  the sun slipped behind this wandering cloud for a few moments and the light was just beautiful!

the pillow that the four-year-old found at target and reallllllly wants for christmas!

i took this picture so i could do my homework and figure out what these are that are growing all over our property.  i've yet to figure it out.  anybody out there have a clue?

the six-year-old after his last summer haircut. i find him to be an incredibly handsome first grader.

shoe shopping.  the four-year-old thought that preschool would be a lot more awesome with spiderman high-tops.  so far he seems to be right!

i about died when i saw these teeny tiny aqua and coral converse.  i still think that k needs a pair!  she's almost got the hang of walking and then i don't think i'll be able to stop myself from buying them.

just me and my bug for three hours a day.  we had a little pizza date at sam's club.  this girl loves pizza crust more than just about anything.  except her momma of course!

getting stuck behind the train during morning drop-off is a pretty normal thing 'round these parts.  when you check your children in late, there's an automated excuse for that one.  gotta love it!

our first week of school was great!  both of the boys love their new teachers and classes and we even started our first week of fall soccer too.  it's been busy and i'm already thrilled to have monday off for labor day.  i figure by the time i get my schedule worked out to a T, it's going to be move time and i'll have to do some reconfiguring.  oh well!

happy first day of september!

xoxo. ash

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