Wednesday, October 3, 2012

doing the limbo limbo

it has been an interesting week and a half at our house.  last monday we (along with lots of help) went into full on packing mode.  our closing date was set for that friday and we knew that matt would be at work for the majority of the time in those last few days prior.  so we set to task to have everything packed before he went back to work tuesday evening.  i packed my kitchen, save it be a few saucepans and baking utensils, and i stocked our empty cupboard with a stash of paper and plastic dishes.  we emptied the boys room down to a simple mattress on the floor and the necessities of clothes, shoes, books, etc.  kelsie was left with a crib, a basket of toys and a dresser.  matt really took to the spirit of packing and took all of our t.v's out and cancelled our satellite.  we did a lot!  but i think you get the picture.  then comes tuesday morning and an email from the title company letting us know that we are far from on schedule due to underwriting issues with the buyer.  all packing came to a screeching halt, but not soon enough to avoid our house being completely and utterly rid of games, toys, entertainment etc.  

i'd like to say that i've handled it with grace and managed to whip up culinary masterpieces despite my limited resources or that i've come up with awesome ways to detract my boys' attention away from the fact that they are bored out of their minds.  but i haven't.  i'm feeling a lot like i'm in limbo.  and i have come to the very clear conclusion that i indeed DO NOT LIKE LIMBO.  

we finally got word of a prospective closing date today and we're saying our prayers that it all rolls smoothly to that point.  meantime my boys are making the best of these cooler evenings and the fact that we at least still have a trampoline and playset to keep them busy.

here's to another week of boxed dinners and outdoor fun!


p.s. our little k could use your prayers.  she is fighting off a nasty bronchial infection and breaking our hearts with her terrible cough that seems more fitting for a forty-year-old man than our little baby girl.  we really appreciate you!


Felicia said...

Good gracious I am so sorry! I hope Ms. K gets better real quick and that good news comes and you can close as soon as possible.

Rory Mcclane said...

Beautiful girl and nice post.
Awesome God