Friday, September 19, 2014

The Golden Girl

Yesterday K and I had the daunting task of mucking out the chicken coop.  That girl is golden when it comes to getting things done.  Good luck ever convincing her that there is something she can't do.  Case in point: As we were shoveling out the last bits of old wood chips yesterday I told her, "After this we'll have to walk back to the garage and get a new bag of chips."  Just like that she was gone and I figured I would finish up and meet her in the garage.  I did one last round with the broom and walked out of the coop to find the two-year-old halfway to the coop (which is a pretty good distance from the garage) dragging the 8 cubic feet of wood chips behind her.  I hurried over to help and was promptly reprimanded to get out of the way.  She pulled and pushed and kicked for a few more minutes before conceding to let me help her lift it the rest of the way.  She certainly has a willing heart and I sure love that.  

You rock my world K Jane!

Happy Friday!


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Aunt Tiff said...

YAY!!!! You're back to blogging!!!