Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well this year I got to party for 2 days for my birthday! You just can't beat that! ha ha On TUESDAY NIGHT my mother-in-law made dinner for me! Matt is LUCKY he has some one to do THOSE DOMESTIC THINGS for him! ha ha She made one of my all-time favorite SUMMER MEALS...taco salad! And as a side CORN ON THE COB! I do LOVE corn! It was quite delicious! We topped it all off with a tasty STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE ice-cream cake!

On WEDNESDAY NIGHT we met up with my parents and brothers and sisters at CASA RAMOS here in town and they treated us to some good MEXICAN FOOD! While there I had the pleasure of being sung to WHILE WEARING A PINK SOMBRERO! Oh and not to mention, with a BLOB of whipped cream on my face! ha ha After we were done FILLING UP there we went to the park. It was NEARLY DARK by this time (thank goodness for outdoor lighting) but we still had fun! There were a few rounds of RACKET BALL played and the kids acted like it was BROAD DAY LIGHT outside playing on the playground! Then we had some good ol' CAKE and ICE CREAM....Black Forest Cake to be all time favorite!

So I have had a good couple of days! Thank you everyone for making my birthday so much fun!


Kendyl said...

hey happy happy late birthday!! i remembered that it was your birthday.... but a few days too late! oh well.. its the thought that counts right? well.. i hope you are doing well. we really need to get together sometime. i need to see that cute little garrett in real life sometime!!

Fullerton Family said...

I'm glad you had a fun birthday!! Do Gage's shirt and Garrett's pants match??? That is WAY too cute! Your little family picture is adorable, you guys are a cute family! Love ya!

{Ashley B} said...

Yeah they got to be matching halves! ha ha

Kelli Starkes said...

You and Matt are so cute together and what cute kids you have