Thursday, April 30, 2009

four days atop our fridge....

forever in our septic.

well sadly it seems that we are horrible fish owners. okay, particularly me.

gage was at school yesterday when i decided to do something nice and change the fish's water.

everything seemed to be going well. Boat {as that was his name for the morning} was spinning circles in a cup whilst i was tidying up his bowl. i refilled it with fresh clean water, poured the little guy back in and set it back on top of the fridge.

i stepped back to admire the sparkling new look and i'm pretty sure Boat even gave me a wink. or was that a "this water is too freakin' warm! get me out of her pronto." kind of look? i'm still not entirely sure.

what i am sure of however is that when Gage got off the bus yesterday afternoon and bee-lined to the fish bowl, there was no happy fish swimming around.

no. he was lying lifeless at the bottom of his bowl. {which surprised me because i totally thought they go belly up and float.} you can imagine how i felt.


someone occupying space in the back of my head whispered "fish killer."

i told gage that Boat was dead. he reminded me that his name was no longer Boat, but Fishy, and continued to stare at him like "come on already. aren't you glad to see me?"

that same someone whispered again. "dream squasher."

i finally convinced gage that Fishy would no longer be found swimming around in his bowl. he was now swimming around in a perfectly temped, shiny new fish bowl in heaven. Gage seemed to accept that happy thought and went on to his next favorite after school activity- loving on his brother.



April 27th 2009


Mary said...

Ah yes, we have flushed many a fish over the years. We had one, Zelda, who lived with us for about 3 years before the Rodeo-Chediski fire--then the foster family cleaned her bowl during the evacuation and she went belly-up. We'd become quite attached to her.

(Note to Gage: kittens usually last much longer than fish...)

Anonymous said...

Well Freddy/Boat/Fishey made it a lot longer than any of my fish ever did! I don't think my fish ever made it through the first night! At least Gage is content knowing the fish is in a better place! :)

{nicole coombs} said...

Poor Fishy! It was soo good to see you! man I wish we could have visited for longer! We might be coming up for memorial weekend. I will call you if we are in Heber. Love ya-

Anonymous said...