Monday, August 17, 2009

lovers holiday

the hubby whisked me away for a weekend getaway friday morning. he had no intentions of telling me where we were going, but i figured it out at the gas station in heber.

vegas baby!

the resort we stayed at was off of the strip which was nice. but we somehow managed to spend the gist of our time there anyways. we got a lot of exercise which was good because we ate a lot of food. or at least it seemed that way.

directing your eyes while walking down the vegas strip is a tricky thing. i found myself looking at my feet a good part of the time to keep from blushing at my surroundings. we had good intentions of hitting up several buffets, but never made it to even one. we ate a lot of pizza and drank a lot of pop. we walked about fifty laps {or so it felt} around the miracle mile mall in planet hollywood, during which time i acquired one new black knit dress and that was it. we were terrible shoppers. we also had a run-in with holly maddison. you know, hugh hefner's old woman. {one of them.} matt asked me why i even cared. and to be honest, i wasn't quite sure. i of all people seem to find it incredibly annoying that every magazine at the grocery store is plastered with celebrity photos and useless information about their lives. but there i was getting my picture with her and it was fun.

saturday evening we wrapped up our fun with a show. we went and watched Steve Wyrick who does a magic show. we both really enjoyed it. it had a dose of vegas girls and lights and all that, but it was geared for the most part towards family. we speculated all through the show, how he did each trick. generally speaking we had no idea at all, but the game was fun.

sunday morning we slept in and then got ready to head home to our boys. i missed them terribly. it took about four hours of driving there for me to finally realize i didn't need to keep looking back to check on them. and every toddler we passed made me miss them even more. a little break here and there is nice, it makes coming home much sweeter.

thanks babe for the fun time!! i love you.