Friday, October 2, 2009

wearable memories

i spent a large portion of the day trading out fair weather clothing for more appropriate fall attire. pulling out gage's old clothes for his little brother left me feeling nostalgic. with many of the outfits i could picture specific days spent with gage's younger self.

him running around in his orange shirt pulling the fiery colored leaves from the branches of our maple tree.

the day he spent stomping around in dad's work boots. he wore his soft blue checked shirt that made him look just like a cowboy.

the coat he wore when we bundled him up for his first snow outing.

the carhart overalls that made their way on his body every single time his dad got him dressed.

that brown corduroy hat that he wore to almost every football game.

it made me sad to think that those days are gone. but it excited me to think of garrett bringing the old clothes to life again. more memories to make. it could be the last year we pull these clothes out. and then again, it may not.

who's to say?

it's crazy how fast life flies by you. even when you feel like you're paying attention.