Saturday, December 17, 2011

mama's got a brand new 'tude

so far our Christmas season has been incredibly laid back. as far as festivities go, we haven't done much. it feels different. real different.

there have been some definite pluses to the slow down of pace however. i've been able to sit and read Christmas stories with the boys almost every evening. i make sure they are stories that share the spirit and meaning of this season that i cherish so much. stories that center around our Savior Jesus Christ. some nights i feel like they did more goofing off than listening, but i know that i have to start now. it is important to me that they grow up anticipating more than presents and Santa Clause at Christmas time.

yesterday was gage's last day of school before the new year. the two little homebodies and i went with him to school to celebrate. we had some yummy breakfast, listened to some sweet kinder-singing and watched the glitter fly as they showed off their Christmas artwork. i think we'll be cleaning glitter from our faces for the next month. but it was magical. it reminded me of my own little self at that age. and while it was may be just a hectic morning of carting around kids for me, that little five-year-old boy was experiencing pure joy. and i love that.

after the party we headed home and the day seemed to drag on forever. there was a lot of mixed martial arts going on in my family room. there were things hitting walls in rooms and words of fury a flyin' over who had what first and who loved kelsie more. {true story} it was a bit overwhelming and then i thought to myself...two more weeks. frightening. i turned a little bit scrooge i will admit.

but after a much needed change of perspective and possibly even more needed rest i am feeling better. i am resolved to make the most of these two weeks and as a gift to all those who live with me, i will be exercising my patience to the enth degree. that is my pre-new year resolution.

so bring it on Christmas Break, bring it on wild children....mama's got this. and it is a going to be fun!


Mandi said...

Oh Ash. You expressed how I am feeling this year to a T! I have a bit of the Scrooge in me as a mother thanks to five little ones that have "selective hearingitis". I too am wondering how the next two weeks are going to go, but like you, I have slowed down this year. We haven't rushed from one crazy activity to another and I have enjoyed feeling slow. I am praying so much that I will be able to just be patient and let myself enjoy these beautiful little people that I love more than anything. I hope so much that you and your sweet little family have such a wonderful Christmas season. Call me if you are feeling "Scroogish" and I can give you words of encouragement and let you know that you are not alone. I love you!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

Oh man this is the scene in my home too. I'm trying to have more patience, maybe if I'm not getting upset with then they won't get upset with each other so much. But this is definitely a lesson I'm trying to learn. Good to know I'm not alone :)