Tuesday, December 6, 2011

welcome december

december is officially underway. we are in our seventh day of Christmas decorating. this has never happened before. it's usually a good full day's work but yowza! three children has felt a lot less like adding one child and a lot more like adding five monkeys. and no i'm not calling my sweet babies monkeys, but if only you could spend a few hours with us, especially during nursing time, you might just understand.

on the first of the month we had our fellow texan family over for dinner. we invited them, we had good intentions of cooking them a tasty meal. one broken down dryer, one very late paramedic class and four loads of laundry at the in-law's later, our kind family showed up at our door with more fresh laundry and two piping hot pizzas. our early Christmas present no doubt. it was much appreciated.

we spent the night sizing up our three week old to their four month old and i wanted to cry as i conceded that my baby is not so teeny tiny anymore. the three boys who were left to themselves came and posed for us in front of our half dressed Christmas tree in their finest attire. mittens and church ties. dashing for sure.

i told them to do "buddy arms" which my boys know to mean put your arms around each other. being the non-conformist that he is however, the three-year-old opted to do "buddy arms" as in his rendition of Buddy the tyrannosaurus rex off of Dinosaur Train. do a double take of the above photo, you're sure to get a giggle. and yes, the five-year-old is surely trying to correct him while still managing to pull of a smile for the camera. that's my boy!

the rest of this month has gone forward much like the first day. still waiting for a working dryer, still sporting a half dressed tree, still too many late classes on top of clinicals on top of work. when did life get so full?

happy monday y'all!


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