Monday, April 4, 2011

my first baby

this morning we woke up to wet roads and cloudy skies. i rubbed the four-year-old's back until he woke. very very unwillingly might i add. his first words, i don't want to go to school. who can blame the boy? gage has been in school since he was this big. not even three. just young enough to look slightly ridiculous with a giant backpack strapped to him.

he started early because of his speech delay. now i can hardly believe that he ever had trouble expressing himself at all. ever. he is a motor mouth and he comes by it righteously. and he has a lot to talk about because his memory is excellent. it should be taken and sealed up in some laboratory somewhere to be used on the first family-friendly robot. or something cool. he can remember what he was wearing, what he ate, where he was standing and who he was with two years ago or more. i don't even question him anymore. i just listen and think that thank goodness one of us remembers him growing up. because i sure as heck don't. it happened much too fast and is mostly a blur.

he says things that make me laugh all the time. and he is not one who enjoys being laughed at. not at all. he is for the most part, very serious. until i try to take his picture and ask him to smile. oh the faces! yesterday he was sat in time-out for hitting his brother. when the timer went off i sat by him for a pre-release discussion and asked him if it made him happy or sad to hurt his brother. he told me {very seriously} it makes me sad because when he cries it hurts my ears. {just picture me turning my head and holding in a ferocious laugh.} i feel like i'm really getting through to the boy.

he is a good boy though. he is tender and sweet and concerned about everyone. he says the most thoughtful and sincere prayers and it melts me every time. i am so thankful for his sweet spirit in our home and also thankful for what i learn from him. we have our battles and some days i feel like i might go crazy but when it's time for bed and we read our books and tell our last stories of the day and say our prayers it makes me remember what a wonderful blessing my first baby really has been.

i love you gage lee!


this last weekend general conference was held for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. there were two general sessions on saturday as well as a priesthood session that evening for the men and two more sessions on sunday. this is something i look forward to every six months and i always feel so uplifted afterwards. all of the talks were inspiring but this one in particular touched my heart and spoke to my current season in life.

thanks for stopping by and have a lovely monday!


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Lacey said...

Fabulous post! Gage sounds a lot like my first baby. I loved that talk as well. Been thinking about it a lot today.