Friday, August 7, 2009

a blog party::like "block" party but different

i made a startling discovery today while delving through my archives. yesterday was in fact the two year mark of the birth of my blog. shriek! how could such an important date have slipped through the cracks like that? it's almost as bad as the time the hubby completely forgot our anniversary. perhaps even worse, i haven't decided.

thus, in an attempt to make up for this embarassing mistake i thought why not have a party! celebrate all the wonderful things about my blog. okay okay, so maybe there is not that many things to be sited. i will however share with you a few of my favorite posts. wander on through them as you like.
and what is a party without favors right? how about these?

princess poppy headband for your little princess, or you. The band can be customized as far as color and size. I also have soft stretch lace for teeny tiny heads.

set of two felted poppies for you to craft with as you like.

pale pink daisy earrings. these are petite and perfect for little earlobes.

large buttercream lilly ring with antique brass adjustable band. {nickel free}

vintage ivory dot earrings. simple and lovely.

"things with wings" girl tee. custom sizes from newborn onesies to girls xtra large.

seeing as i was completely unprepared for this party, numbers are limited. i will draw one winner per item on monday evening. so look through my blog....tell me how wonderful you think it is {i would be very embarassed if you are not all picking up on my humor and sarcasm here}, leave me your email address and you may come away a lucky winner!

thanks for partying with me!

I now give you my {of personal choice} top 30 posts:
{and no you do not have to read them all}

The very first post. {just because it was the first.}

Happy Birthday dear Blog!


Melissa said...

Oh I would love to win any of these things!!

My email is on my profile!!

Mary said...

Your blog is very enjoyable, which is why so many people are drawn to it. Did you know your cousin Brittany told me while we were in Missouri that she is "adddicted to Ashley's blog"?

It's funny, my blog's 1-year birthday was on July 28th and I meant to do a post about it, but I've just been too busy with back-to-school to blog at all this week. I'll do a belated birthday post soon, though!

Sincerely, Raynie said...

Wow, you got me thinkin "when was my blogs two year birthday, I couldn't have missed it could I?" Well poor thing had it back in the beggining of April...too bad I am not as talented as you to create beautiful things to give away! Your blog truly does inspire me to get out of my comfort zone to try and be more creative and come up with hobbies. Thanks! I LOVE YOUR BLOG :)


Anonymous said...

The little headbands are so cute! I always see little girls wearing cute bands like them but I can never find any. The ones from the store always leave the nasty imprints on her head! Happy Birthday to your blog! It's a joy to read!

Lizzie said...

isn't it amazing how fast blog time flies!?

i love how simply sweet your blog always is :) and your pictures are wonderful.

happy 2nd year blog anniversary!!

(e-mail on profile)

i'll be back to read through some of your favorites :)

RiChArd and MeReDitH said...

That is such a cute idea to have a birthday party for your blog. I have never even thought to look back and see when its birthday is. Fun fun! I love your blogs they are so entertaining to read.

The Wilkins' said...

cute headbands

katecanskate (at) hotmail (dot) com

jes said...

happy 2 years!
i love how your blog is real. it's real life. & a positive outlook..
put me down for the headband or ring! everything is so cute!

Kacie said...

Oh I love them all! My favorite is the ring and earings though! I hope I am not too late! Pick me!

Anonymous said...